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Customers in South Africa are increasingly buying online since the outbreak of the pandemic

While the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic is boosting online trade, a study by Mastercard revealed further details. For example, 68 percent of surveyed customers in South Africa had stated that they had purchased more goods online since the Covid 19 outbreak. The study also found that shoppers are moving away from cash payments and opting instead for contactless and electronic payment. The most used device fo accessing online shops is the smartphone. These findings can help online merchants and businesses in South Africa optimize their online business and offer customers convenient and secure payment methods.



According to the study’s findings, the majority of respondents (81 percent) stated that they purchased or paid for mobile communication and Internet contracts online. This was followed by clothing with 56 percent, food with 54 percent and drugstore products with 51 percent. As online purchasing of goods or services has become part of everyday life since the pandemic, 76 percent of the study participants stated that they now use online or mobile banking. Customers also support local businesses and entrepreneurs, with 63 percent of those surveyed actively looking for online stores from local companies. Social networks are particularly prominent for this purpose. Respondents indicated that they search for products and offers via Facebook and Instagram, with an approval rating of 64 and 41 percent respectively.

In addition to providing access to digital online stores, smartphones have become an important pioneer in Africa in the general modernization and digitalization of the continent. Many international manufacturers sell their latest devices on the African market. Certification is required for many electronics and telecommunications products in most African countries. The most important and requested certification of this is the Radio Type Approval. The Radio Type Approval is intended to ensure that all local regulations are met and that only products without safety hazards are introduced to the market. MPR International GmbH – Africa Certification offers you a complete package for certification, where you will be excellently supported. Contact us for a free and non-binding assessment of your certification process for South Africa or another African country.

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For further information on certifications for Africa, please read our free information booklet “Africa Certification Made Easy“.

Julian Busch

About the author: Julian Busch is the founder and managing director of MPR International GmbH

Publisher: MPR International GmbH