Radio Type Approval

The Radio Type Approval is required in several African countries for telecommunication and radio equipment. With us as your professional partner you can safely and easily obtain your Radio Type Approval.

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Pre-Export Verification of Conformity / PVoC

Many products require a Pre-Export Verification of Conformity / PVoC in Africa before they can be imported. Make yourself familiar with the regulations and avoid customs problems.

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Certificate of Compliance / CoC

To avoid problems when importing goods in Africa in many cases a Certificate of Compliance / CoC is required. We can support you here.

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New allocation plan “IMT2600” for radio frequency spectrum in South Africa

In the notice issued by the government authority ICASA (Independent Communications Authority of South Africa), the exact requirements for network operators to use the frequency band between 2500 and 2690 MHz were communicated. The allocation plan for the new radio frequency spectrum contains information on the requirements associated with the use of a frequency band in accordance with the allocation and other information in the national radio frequency plan IMT2600. This information shall include technical characteristics of radio systems, frequency channels, coordination and details of the necessary migration of existing users of the band and the expected method of allocation.



ICASA has decided to use a TDD C3 (Time Division Duplex) channel split, following ITU recommendations, to extend the usable bandwidth of IMT2600 to 190 MHz. In addition, the extended spectrum will allow future network operators to use the full capacity of the IMT2020 system in the 80 to 100 MHz range. The planned upgrade of the South African mobile networks is outlined in the IMT2020 project. The main features are a high degree of global compatibility and flexible support of mobile communication services with a view to cost-efficient expansion and operation.

The new IMT2600 frequency band will provide, but not limited to, the following services: LTE, LTE Advanced, HSPA+ and WiMAX. The technical characteristics of the equipment used in the IMT2600 systems shall comply with all applicable South African and international standards, as well as the ITU regulations that are also effective in South Africa. All equipment must comply with the safety regulations that can be found in the relevant standards. The telecommunications equipment used must be certified according to South African laws and regulations. MPR International – Africa Certification is the recommended partner for your Africa certification. Our experts have years of experience and contacts with the local authorities for the most frequently requested certifications in South Africa. We will be happy to provide you with an initial assessment of the scope and costs of an Africa certification without obligation.

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For further information on Radio Type Approval, please read our free information package “Radio Type Approval – The Booklet“.

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